Breanne Fox

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September 10-12, 2024
Edmonton Convention Centre
Alberta, Canada

2024 Governing Body

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Breanne Fox

Director, Commercial Management & Carbon Technologies
Capital Power

Breanne Fox, Director, Commercial Management and Carbon Technology, leads the team at Capital Power responsible for transforming their fleet of coal-fired assets to meet the demands for low carbon, reliable and sustainable electricity. Her team executes on initiatives at Genesee focused on reducing carbon by improving asset efficiency, firing with natural gas and carbon capture.  She holds a degree in Mathematics from the University of Calgary, has been with Capital Power for the past 17 years, and has held positions in various areas of the organization including Trading, Corporate Forecasting, Business Development and Commercial Management. 

Prior to transforming Genesee to a low carbon site, Bre was responsible for developing wind assets across Alberta.  With an increased focus in decarbonization and renewable energy, she is keen to help the Electricity sector transition to a low carbon future.

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