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Decarbonize. Invest. Transform
September 10-12, 2024
Edmonton Convention Centre | Alberta, Canada


The knowledge bars at Carbon Capture Canada will be dedicated areas where knowledge exchange occurs between customers, clients, and attendees. The open presentation style will have industry leaders covering a variety of technical topics relevant to Carbon Capture Utilization & Storage.

Access to the 44 presentations in four theatres is included in your exhibition or conference delegate pass and will take place throughout both days of the exhibition with sessions starting at 10:30 am each day. Presentations will be 30 minutes in length with an opportunity for an extensive Q&A session afterwards. Pre-registration to individual sessions will not be required but space will be limited.

All four knowledge bars will be conveniently located within the exhibition floor in Hall A&B at the Edmonton Convention Centre.

Access to the knowledge bar sessions is included with your visitor or conference pass.


Sponsored by Worley, this knowledge bar features leading companies including Worley, Carbon Alpha, BASF, Nuada, Innomatics/Siemens, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and many more.

The presentation topics include advancements in carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS), exploring topics such as non-metallic materials for CO2 transport pipelines, methods for minimal environmental disturbance and seismic monitoring, and hubs like ASCON Scotland VAMCO for carbon and methane capture. They also cover tailored CCUS solutions, BASF's OASE blue technology journey, CycloneCC for industrial decarbonization, updates to the MHI KM CDR process, M2C technology in CCUS applications, ultra-energy-efficient carbon capture technologies, and considerations related to avoiding oversimplifying subsurface plume modeling.

The Worley Knowledge Bar Program


Sponsored by Enbridge, this knowledge bar features leading companies including Enbridge, Wood Mackenzie, Kiewit, Spartan Controls, WSP Canada, GLJ, Rystad Energy and many more.

The presentation topics cover key aspects of carbon capture and storage (CCS). They explore the realities of global CO2 storage inventories, characteristics of ideal reservoirs for CCS, and the impact of simulator selection and impurities on CO2 design. Other topics include heat integration for carbon capture, innovative solvent-based technologies for post-combustion capture, and the importance of surface screening and stakeholder engagement for CCS success. Additionally, they discuss the complexities of voluntary carbon credits and workflows for subsurface CCS evaluation.

The Enbridge Knowledge Bar Program


Sponsored by the Pathways Alliance, this knowledge bar features leading organizations and companies including Pathways Alliance, Enerflex, SLB, Halliburton, OptiSeis Solutions Ltd. and many more.

The presentation topics explore advancements in carbon capture and energy sustainability, including modular CO2 liquefaction for e-fuel markets, simulation-based digital twins for net-zero goals, and innovative solvent-based carbon capture technologies. They also cover pressure interference in Alberta’s carbon storage hubs, cost-effective MMV plans using risk analysis, multi-technology imaging for MMV, reinforced thermoplastic pipes for CO2 transportation, and the feasibility of carbon capture from compressor exhaust streams.

The Pathways Alliance Knowledge Bar Program


Sponsored by Capital Power, companies featured in this knowledge bar include McDaniel, Stantec Consulting, FlexSteel Pipeline, Wood PLC, MicroSeismic, Inc. and many more.

The presentation topics cover various aspects of carbon capture and storage (CCS) and its impact on energy sustainability and societal costs. They discuss geological successes and failures, converting crude oil pipelines for CCS, subsurface factors affecting CO2 injection, and lessons from conventional sites for managing corrosion and sustainability. Additionally, they address 4D seismic monitoring of CO2 plumes, solvent reclamation in post-combustion CCS, lubricant requirements for CO2 processes, and challenges in CCS communications.

The Capital Power Knowledge Bar Program



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